Raw Food Recipes for beginner

Raw Food Recipes for beginner 

Raw Food Recipes for beginner

at recent days raw food cleanses and detox diets are becoming very common. a lot of people are using them to start their diet and some people end up converting to a raw food lifestyle.

Many people attempt to a raw food detox diet for 7 to 21 days or more.

People that are able to complete a raw food cleanse generally never go back to their old habits and eat an increased amount of raw fruits and vegetables in their diet.

A raw food diet is based on eating foods that are uncooked or only cooked to a certain degree. An acceptable range for cooking some foods hangs around 104 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

The reason that cooking food is bad is because many foods lose their healthy properties once they have been cooked at higher temperatures. The key with a raw food diet is to eating foods in their natural state will be healthier for your body.

Raw Food Recipes for beginner

What Is Eaten on a Raw Food Diet?

There are many debates and discussions on what a raw food diet entails. Most people that follow the raw food lifestyle are vegans. That means they do not eat ANY animal products whatsoever.

Other raw food enthusiasts will eat some raw animal products such as raw milk, ceviche (raw fish) and other products.

Then there are other raw food lovers that will cook their food to a certain degree while other will not. The choice is ultimately up to the individual on how strict they want to follow a raw food diet.

How To Prepare Raw Foods?

• Soaking (Germination)

Soaking or germination is the process of soaking foods like raw beans, nuts and seeds in water for a specific amount of time.

• Sprouting

After soaking foods like beans, nuts and seeds, they can be sprouted.

Generally after you have drained off the water and rinsed the food thoroughly, they can be placed in a container and begin the sprouting process.

Different foods have a different amount of time required for sprouting to occur. Be sure to follow any instructions in the recipes provided in this ebook.

• Dehydrating

Some raw food lovers do not eat any cooked food while other will heat certain foods to a low temperature. A common method for “cooking” foods is dehydrating. Dehydrators are enclosed containers that heat foods to a low temperature to simulate “sun drying”.

Many people use their dehydrators to make raisins, sun-dried tomatoes, kale chips and croutons.

• Blending

Raw food lovers generally use their blender and food processors everyday. They are very useful for making smoothies, soups and so much more.

Raw Food Recipes for beginner

What Equipment is Used to Prepare Raw Food?

• Blender – for making smoothies, soups, nut butters and milks

• Thermometer - to make sure your foods do not go over 118 F

• Dehydrator – simulates sun-drying

• Juicer – to create powerful and healthy juices

• Food processor – great for creating nut milks and butters 

What are the Benefits of a Raw Food Lifestyle?

There are numerous health benefits of a raw food lifestyle, including but not limited to:

• Increased energy

• Clearer skin

• Weight loss

• Reduced risk of disease

• Anti-aging

In general, a raw food diet will be much lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in essential vitamins and minerals.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some people have experienced a detoxification effect when starting a raw food diet. The most common symptoms are mild headaches, nausea, and strong cravings. These symptoms can start immediately and last for a few days. If they last longer than 7 days, then you should stop the diet and consult your physician.

Raw Food Recipes for beginner

the most delicious Raw Food Breakfasts

Firstly: Banana Coconut Cakes/Crepes

Banana Coconut Cakes/Crepes

ingredients (3-4 bananas, 1 young coconut, cinnamon, to taste)

vanilla extract or vanilla bean powder, to taste Blend bananas and coconut meat using coconut water to blend until creamy smooth and thin enough to pour on dehydrator Teflex Sheets.

Dehydrate until dry on the top, flip over and dehydrate until all dry. Serve with fresh jam.

Secondly: SuperFood Shake

SuperFood Shake

ingredients (1 organic banana, 2 tbsp hemp protein powder, 2 tbsp hemp nut, 1 tbsp hemp oil, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 1/3 cup filtered water) Blend and enjoy. Simple and easy!

Thirdly: Banana Pecan Pancakes

Banana Pecan Pancakes

ingredients (1 1/2 cups Ground Flax, 1/2 cups Flax Seeds, 1/2 cups Dried Coconut, 3/4 cups Water, 1/4 cups Agave or Maple Syrup, 1/4 cups Coconut Butter, 1 cup Sliced Bananas, 3/4 cups Chopped Pecans) Mix all the ingredients together. You may need to use your hands. Shape the dough into pancake sized patties. Place on the dehydrator shelf with screen.

Dehydrate at 140 for 30 minutes, then 116 for another 30 minutes. These should still be moist.

Fourthly: Raw Cinnamon Buns

Raw Cinnamon Buns

Buns: ( 5 Dates, 1/4 cups Water, 1 cup Ground Flax, 1 1/4 cups Almond Flour, 1 cups Spelt Flakes, 1 cups Chopped Pecans (chopped fine), 2 t. Cinnamon, 3 T. Olive Oil, 1/4 cups Agave, 1 cup Water)

Soak dates. Blend with 1/4 cups water to make a smooth date paste. and Set aside for later.

Combine flax, almond flour, finely chopped pecans, and Spelt flakes.

In a separate bowl, combine date paste, olive oil, 1/4 cups agave and 1 cup water. Mix wet ingredients into dry. Spread in a rectangle on a non-stick dehydrator sheet. You want this to be a little less than 1/2 inch thick.

Dehydrate at 145 for 30 minutes. Flip onto screen, peel off dehydrator sheet and dehydrate at 115 for another 20 minutes. While the bun is dehydrating, you will want to prepare the filling.

Filling: ( 1 Young Thai Coconut (the white part only), 1 cup Cashews, 1/2 cups Almonds, 1/4 cups Raw Agave, 1 T Vanilla (not raw), 1/2 cups raisins

Soak Almonds and Cashews for at least 3 hours to soften. Place in food processor with remaining ingredients except raisins, process until smooth. and Stir in raisins.


Place “bun” on parchment paper. Spread filling on bun. You can spread to the edges on the long sides but leave an inch or two on the short sides. Gently roll up the roll. Slice and top with icing. Makes 12.

Icing: (1 cups Raw Cashew Butter, 3 T Maple Syrup (not raw), 1 t. Cinnamon, 3-4 T Water)

Mix all ingredients except water. Add water 1 T at a time to desired consistency.

Finally: Cinnamon Raisin “Toast” and Hazelnut Butter

Cinnamon Raisin “Toast” and Hazelnut Butter

ingredients (2 cups Almonds, 1 cup Sunflower Seeds, 1 cup Ground Flax, 1 cup Purred Zucchini, 2 Carrots, 1 Apple, 1 cup Raisins, 4 Dates plus 1/2 cups Water, 1 t Cinnamon)

put sunflower seeds in mixer and process until finely chopped. put in Bowl. put almonds in food  mixer and chop. put in bowl with sunflower seeds. Add flax and stir to mix. Process carrots and apple in food mixer until you get a puree. Add zucchini puree, mix. In blender, blend dates with 1/2 cups water until liquefied. You can soak the dates first to soften. Add to carrot and apple mixture, stir. Stir wet ingredients into dry. Mix well. Stir in cinnamon and raisins. Spread 1/4″ thick on non-stick dehydrator tray. Dehydrate for 1 hour at 145, reduce heat and continue to dehydrate at 116 for two more hours. Flip mixture onto screen, peel off non-stick sheet and continue to dehydrate for about 4-6 more hours or until dry but not hard. This bread will should be a little soft.

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