Abstract Art DIY

Abstract Art DIY 
I don't know about you, but my house always looks so bare and soulless after taking down the Christmas decorations. The lack of pretty sparkly things on my walls makes the dark and usually miserable British winter seem even more intolerable, so this year I decided to create some now artwork to hang up!
DIY Abstract Art
And trust me, you don't need any special artistic talent for this, just pick a couple of paint colours that work with together (purple and pink, yellow and green, red and orange etc) and follow the steps!

You will need:
- Pre-primed canvas, either in a panel/sheet or ready stretched onto a frame
-2 colours of acrylic paint, plus white.
-Perfect Pearls or Pearlex powder
-Paint palette
-Spray bottle with water
DIY Abstract Art
How to:
1.Firstly, put down some paper to protect your work surface, this is going to get messy! Then mix up your paint, I have chosen blue and green, but any two colours that go well together will do. Squeeze out some of the blue, some green and then mix some of each together. Then water each of them down and add a little white. The water is to thin the paint so you can drip it, and the white is  to keep the colours a bit more opaque.
2. Spray some water on parts of the canvas- the effect if more interesting if you don't wet the whole canvas at this point.
DIY Abstract Art
3.Using a decent sized brush, load some of the blue/green mix and tap the paintbrush over the canvas. Don't go too crazy, you can always add more. I did say this would be messy!
DIY Abstract Art
4. Do the same with the blue and the green then spray a little more water on the canvas until you see the colours start to run. It looks a bit splotchy at the moment, but the paints will continue to bleed into each other and soak into the canvas for a further 30-45 mins, depending on the paint and how warm a room you are working in, changing how the painting looks. So you might want to leave it to begin to dry and come back before adding any more paint.
DIY Abstract Art
5.Before the paint dries, sprinkle on some of the powder- just gently tap the edge of the pot over the canvas. I'm using Perfect Pearls by Ranger in Perfect Bronze; I find gold, silver, copper, bronze, black and white work best. You can see how the paints have merged together.
DIY Abstract Art
6.Leave to dry completely. If you used a pre-stretched canvas frame, you are good to hang onto the wall, if like me, you went with a sheet of canvas one of these clip clothes hangers (this is from Ikea) work really well!
If you have a go at creating your own Abstract Art, let me know by commenting below

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