Wire Wrapped Beaded Necklace

Wire Wrapped Beaded Necklace 
After all the bright colours and excess sparkle of Christmas and New Year, I felt the need for something more subdued but that still makes an impression, so I came up with this wire wrapped beaded necklace!
Bead and Wire Geometric Necklace

You Will Need:
-1mm wire for the shape
-0.4mm wire to wire wrap the beads
-Size 5 seed beads, I am using silver lined crystal, pearl cream and opaque light green
-Trigger clasp
-4x 5mm jump rings
-Round nose pliers
-Chain nose pliers
-Wire cutters
-Tape measure or ruler
Bead and Wire Geometric Necklace
How to:
1.Cut a 20cm length of the thicker 1mm wire and then using your chain nose pliers, bend the wire in half at the 10cm point. Measure 2cm from that middle point and bend each side out at a 90 degree angle. Create a 5mm 'step' in the wire, bend each side back at 90 degrees- the easiest way to measure the 5mm is to put a mark on your pliers where they are 5mm wire, rather than trying to measure such a small length of wire.
Bead and Wire Geometric Necklace
2.Measure 3cm from the last bend and take the wire out at 90 degrees again, followed by another 5mm step. For the last section, measure 1.5cm and bend at 90 degrees. Notice we didn't make another step this time. You should have wire shape that looks a bit like a rocket ice lolly!
Bead and Wire Geometric Necklace
3.Carefully bend the shape out, so the first bend we made is at 90 degrees, then made a loop using your round nose pliers at each end and cut off the excess.
Bead and Wire Geometric Necklace
4. Cut a 70cm length of the thinner 0.4mm wire and wrap it around the frame a couple of times to secure. thread on a single bead and working away from the loop, wrap around the frame to secure and repeat another 2 times. For a more in depth project on wire wrapping beads, take a look at this project! You should be able to fit 3 size 5 seed beads along the frame before your get to the first step. Without adding any beads, wrap the wire around the frame until you get to the longest section.
Change colour of beads if you wish and wire wrap 6 size 5 seed beads on. Wrap along the step without beads again then wire wrap 4 single beads onto the last section. Wire on a single bead on the point, then work you way back up, mirroring the first side.
Bead and Wire Geometric Necklace
5.Cut 2 lengths of chain,  about 16cm/6.5inches for a 45cm/18inch necklace, and attach to the loops on the frame with jump rings. Add your clasp to finish.
Bead and Wire Geometric Necklace
If you have a go at creating your own wire wrapped bead necklace, let me know by commenting below.

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